Frequently Asked Questions

How do we book you?

– Maybe you’re free today (and we are too), we can meet at any locations around Metro Manila (though we prefer Q.C. :)) 
Or if meeting us is not possible, you may deposit on our BPI/BDO accounts and we’ll email you the contract. 🙂

When and how do we get the pictures?

– For Weddings, it usually takes a month after the wedding day (RAW + Edited).
You can already get the edited photos used in the onsite photo slideshow (if included in the package) on the day of the wedding.
But for November, December, January Weddings, Delivery of RAW + Edited photos will take longer. Around 2-3months (due to those months being part of our peak season).

Do we need to feed your team?

– Yes, food and creativity comes hand in hand so photos turns out better when we have a full stomach. lol. Yes, food is very much well appreciated. Thank you 😉

Will you be the ones to cover our wedding? (Mara and Mike)

– Yes. Unless, we are not available anymore on your date and you still want to get our services. We have Team Members who are trained to work as we do with the same passion and style. But we usually prefer just having 1 event a day as to maintain the quality that we have. 🙂

What is your style?

– Fine Art | Lifestyle | Candid | Happy | Uncomplicate

How many are you usually in the team?

– Depends on the package. Usually there are 4-6 of us on the day.

Are you married?

– No. Soon. Hopefully. We are both really looking forward to it. 🙂

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