Meet Mara and Mike

We capture time.

Time can never be recovered once lost, and a fleeting moment fades from the memory once missed.

This is why at Mara and Mike Photography, we make sure to capture all of your precious memories for your vivid reminiscing of the most important milestones in life.

Through our photographs, you can relive the good times and yearn to make more happy memories with family and friends.

We specialize in event coverage and fine art photography, and are most concerned about capturing the happiness and love in life’s celebrations.



Hello! I’m Mara. I’m the team’s lead Photographer.
As a wedding and events photographer, I love to capture the love, laughter, candid moments, and also the true story of our beloved couple during their wedding. I love to enhance the photos that we captured to be as natural and bright as it can be.



Hi! I’m Mike.  I handle all the Full Editing and the Onsite Photo Slideshow which will be played on the day of the wedding. And more importantly, I also shoot alongside Mara and the team. Offshoot, I mostly handle the online inquiries and technical inquiries.

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